A self-proclaimed “beauty buff,” Tin Li has spent numerous hours and shopping trips in search of the Holy Grail of Skincare, which has led her to splurge on numerous tools and products. “More often than not, the items I came across were very expensive and were not in any way affordable or accessible to the regular woman.”

“So being a busy mom myself, I had wanted to find the most convenient and most effective products that could take care of my skin and which would allow me to pamper myself at home.”

A proud advocate of “self-love” and “me-time,” Tin believes that every woman – whether she’s a Mom or an Entrepeneur – should prioritize her well-being and be pampered as often as she likes, wherever she likes. “Self-care should be convenient, so the products I choose are those that you can use anytime, anywhere. Beauty should be within reach”

Taking her passions and philosophies on beauty and positivity, Tin launched Beauty Secret, a brand that advocates self-love and great skincare with the goal of helping other women achieve their most beautiful selves.

“Through this site, I hope women not only find the tools to make themselves feel more confident, but also a community where they’re free to share all their thoughts about beauty, positivity, and self-acceptance.”

“For me, my beauty secret is simple – Live life to the fullest.”